Whether you’re a cheerleader, dancer, martial artist or you just want to learn to tumble, Rogue has the class for you. All of our classes are split by age and skill level in order to assure a fun, safe and productive atmosphere that allows for the athlete to learn proper progression while achieving their goals.

Tumbling Class: $75 per month

Plus $49 annual registration fee. 

Add a 2nd class for $35

Level 1: Our level 1 class is designed to lay the foundation for athletes new to tumbling. During this class we teach the building blocks of tumbling technique and body awareness. During this class athletes will work on skills such as forward and backward rolls, handstands, bridges/backbends, cartwheels, backbend kickovers, and proper body positions.

 Level 2: In our level 2 class, athletes will continue to master skills from our level 1 class. In addition, they will begin working on skills such as round-offs, front and back walkovers, dive rolls, and begin safely working drills for their front and back handspring, and front tuck.

 Level 3: The level 3 class is designed to work heavily on the proper progressions and technique needed for our athletes to achieve their standing and running back handsprings, front handsprings, and front tucks.

Level 4: During this class, athletes will continue concentrate on cleaning and perfecting the handspring and all of its components. Specific drills help teach athletes how to safely connect multiple running and standing back handsprings together and ending with proper rebounding technique which leads to higher and more consistent tucks and layouts in the future. This is also where athletes will begin drills that will lead to standing and running back tucks.

 Level 5: In this class, athletes will work on their standing back tuck while also learning to connect the back tuck to their running and standing back handspring. In addition, athletes will begin working drills for layouts and skills such as front tuck step-out, front handspring-front tuck, and whips. Specialty skills will consist of connecting front and back passes together.

 Level 6: In level 6, athletes will work on connecting their layout to their round-off back handspring and also continue working to connect their back tuck to single and multiple standing back handsprings. Specialty skills will consist of connecting advanced front and back passes together, as well as working drills for twisting.  

 Level 7: Athletes will work on twisting skills such as fulls, arabians, double fulls, standing fulls and more. Athletes will also work towards connecting multiple advanced skills.

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